Funeral service will be held at 11:00AM on Wednesday May 4, 2022 at Wiebe Funeral Home, Winkler with interment to follow at the Greenwood Cemetery in Pilot Mound. Viewing will be prior to the service. Donations may be made in Trevor's memory to Central Station.
Trevor Carter King
1953 ~ 2022
Trevor Carter King was born on February 17, 1953. His parents were John [Jack] and Mona [Holland] King. Trevor and his brother, Robert, grew up in Pilot Mound. Trevor enjoyed watching baseball at the ballpark close to his home. He also spent considerable time just down the street from their home where a gentleman kept his harness race horses at a barn right in town. This man was very kind to Trevor. Trevor also liked to attend the harness races, marching bands, and parades in Pilot Mound. These he also continued to enjoy in later years.
In 1975 his father, John [Jack] King died; his brother Robert passed away in 1978 and his mother, Mona [Holland] King died in 1980----so many losses in such a short time! By the time his mother passed away, Trevor was already living in a Group Home in Morden. Rod Ungarian, Trevor’s contact person, from Social Services saw a lot of potential in Trevor. In 1982 Trevor moved to Winkler to live in an apartment together with Norman Peters, who had just completed a “14-month independent-living” training program in Winnipeg. The question was: Will these two young men be able to live independently? They did for about 39 years, until health issues set in. Trevor and Norman became very close friends, cared for each other, discussed everything from politics to sports, to spiritual matters. When they got in an argument, and were angry, they settled it by going for a walk to cool off. Trevor liked his quiet space; however, he was quite knowledgeable in what went on in the world. He had strong opinions which he would voice to anyone who would listen. Trevor enjoyed cooking and his tall stack of fluffy, huge pancakes were a work of art and very delicious.
All the years till Trevor turned 65, he worked at Gateway Resources. He made many friends there. After 65 he joined the Seniors Program several times a week. Thanks to all staff at both places for giving so generously of your time, as well as your wisdom to help Trevor have a meaningful life. For a number of years, Trevor would take the bus and travel to Pilot Mound to enjoy Christmas with his Aunt Eunice & Uncle Ross. Aunt Eunice was a very special person in his life. After they passed away, their daughter [Trevor’s cousin] Leith & Allan Fallis had him over at special holidays. These were very pleasant times for Trevor. Trevor enjoyed walking and he was often seen striding along with his hands behind his back, all over town.
Trevor truly enjoyed his involvement in Special Olympics. He was especially good at Bocci. This took him to Toronto for Sp. O. Competitions. He did very well, and excitement ran high. Trevor was a part of the Winkler Wizard Slo-Pitch team. This Team went to B.C. to compete in a Slo-Pitch Tournament. The flight, the activities, the competitions were all exciting and rewarding experiences for Trevor. The coaches, Sharon Dueck and Connie Driedger, would organize all their weekly activities, as well as go to the various competitions. They did not only teach them how to play, but also how to live with honesty, integrity and fairness. Thank you, Connie and Sharon, for being Trevor’s friend and truly   caring for him.
A deep appreciation goes to Helena Neufeld, Trevor’s caregiver, who gave so much of her time and love over the last few years. She was his friend and Trevor felt free to call her when he needed something, or if he needed encouragement. Trevor was reasonably well till February 22, 2022, when he had a massive stroke and was taken by ambulance to Boundary Trails Health Centre and later transferred to Health Science Center, Winnipeg. Trevor lost his ability to walk but could still think and talk. During this time, Helena Neufeld, spent a lot of time with him, encouraging him to trust in the Lord. The 23rd Psalm became very real to him. Helena was with him when he passed away very peacefully on April 25th, 2022, in Boundary Trails Health Centre.
Some words of appreciation:
Thankyou to all who took part in making this service so meaningful.
Thankyou to the staff at Boundary Trails Health Centre who took care of Trevor during his stay there.
Thankyou to Wiebe Funeral Home for their compassionate service.

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