Private funeral service will be held with interment at Westridge Memorial Gardens. Public viewing will be from 1PM-8PM on Monday February 7, 2022 at Wiebe Funeral Home, Winkler. 


Peter Hamm
1947 ~ 2022

Pete Hamm was born to Abram & Helena Hamm on March 14, 1947. As a young child, Pete grew up in Friedensruh. His parents moved to Stephenfield a few years later. He went to school in Stephenfield then later in Graysville.
As a teenager, he worked for McEachern farms near Carman. He left for Alberta in his teen years working various different jobs. He then came back to Manitoba around the age of 18. 
Pete taught himself how to play guitar, and later him and his brother John, along with Terry Titchkosky, Terry McCleod, and John Kroeker they formed a band called The Montereys. They played at the very 1st Corn & Apple Festival in 1967. 
He then met the love of his life, Verna. She waited on his table at the restaurant that she worked at, and Pete kept coming back because of her. He finally had the nerve to ask this sophisticated, beautiful young woman if he could drive her home after one of her shifts. This drive home led to many more rides home and they started dating in February of 1967. They got engaged on August 19 later that year and were married July 6, 1968. Before their wedding, both Pete & Verna got baptized in June of 1968. 
After 6 years of marriage, Pete and Verna had their first child, Nathaniel Peter Quinn in 1974. 2 years later they had a brother for him, Matthew Vernon Grant. Then in 1981 they had their first daughter, Natasha Verna Lee, who shared the same birthday as their first born son. Their 3 kids were the light of his life. They weren’t only his children, they were his best friends whom he could not get enough of. When the grandkids came into the picture, it brought even more joy to his life. There was nothing they could do wrong. When he talked to his children about his grandchildren he would say “you’ve got good kids”. He welcomed his in laws with open arms and treated each one as his own. His love for his whole family was unconditional and undeniable. 
In the beginning years of their marriage, Pete worked construction, building the Walhalla US/Canada customs building. After that, he worked at Triple E, where he got his electrical knowledge. He was a great electrician, however he never pursued getting his license. During this same time, Pete & Verna both worked at the Stardust Drive-In theatre. After a couple years of working locally, Pete got lured into the pipeline industry, which lasted a better part of his life. He started working as a laborer, then a helper, then a teamster. While coming back from a pipeline job, Pete’s eyes were fixated on combines parked on a wheat field which sparked an interest. He decided that’s what he wanted to do, so him & his brother in law, Bill, bought 1 combine which started him firm his journey of harvesting. Afterwards he formed a partnership with his 2 brothers in 1967, which was famously known as Hamm Brothers harvesting. They worked their way from Texas all the way to Canada. This business lasted until 1989, when all 3 brothers chose different paths. In the face of adversity, Pete found the drive & determination to continue to provide for his family. So he worked for Borland Construction as a truck driver for 1 season, until his passion for pipeline was rejuvenated in 1990. He worked as a helper on the pipeline for 1 year, then went to school in Houston, Texas to train to be an Automatic Welding Technician. This was a huge accomplishment in such a short time frame. He worked pipeline across Canada till 2001. Then he decided to start harvesting again, but this time he went into business with his two sons. They worked together for 4 years and after that, Pete perused pipeline again. His final pipeline job was in 2018, where he worked with all 3 of his sons in Manitoba. After this job was completed, he enjoyed retirement. 
Pete & Verna enjoyed numerous trips down south and vacationing with their family. 
Pete’s walk with God increased over the years. He had a huge concern for people to be born again. He repeatedly would say to his kids “keep Jesus at the center of your life. You can’t buy your way into heaven”. 
2019 is when health issues started showing up in Pete’s life. In February of 2020, he had a procedure done that had a spiritual impact on his life. God revealed himself to Pete in a supernatural way. Any time he shared it with others, it brought him to tears and he witnessed to many people. 
In 2021, Pete became very tired which progressed and it was the start of many tests. In September of 2021, we were informed that Pete needed a triple bypass surgery on his heart. While waiting for the pre-op and for test results, the doctors checked further into his health condition. It was discovered in January of 2022, that Pete had lung cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes. He deteriorated very rapidly. Then on January 31 he was admitted into the local hospital, where we discovered that the cancer that was attacking his body was very aggressive and had already spread through much of his body. 
The last 24 hours of his earthly life, he was surrounded by his loving wife and 3 children, which in itself is a miracle in these Covid times. The room was filled with an abundance of God’s glory & presence, accompanied with miraculous signs of God’s grace. Pete was welcomed into heaven as his family began to sing in the wee hours of the night on February 3, 2022.

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