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Private graveside service will be held on Friday April 17, 2020 at Gnadenthal Cemetery.

Doreen Neufeld (nee Dyck)

1935 – 2020
Doreen Neufeld {Dyck} was born, February 25, 1935 to Henry W and Maria Dyck (nee Klassen), at or near Grossweide, MB. She passed into eternity on Monday April 13, 2020 at Salem Home. 
Doreen grew up with her family on a farm in the Grossweide area, where, as a child, she also attended the local country school. Doreen was baptized upon the confession of her faith as a young woman. Mom and Dad {Doreen and Peter} were married on December 23, 1954 in Morden, MB. They moved to Gnadenthal, MB and resided there until they moved to Morden, MB approximately 15 years ago. They lived there until their health decline and our dad’s passing in 2019. Mom and Dad had seven children: three girls, one boy and then three more girls. Each one of us her favorite in one way or another. We were a happy and very busy lot. There was never a dull moment with the seven of us, and many times friends and family as well. Mom was a social butterfly in her own right, and although she adjusted well to life in the country, there was always a drawing to the hustle and bustle of town life. Mom accepted country living as her lot in life and she did it well, although many may have thought she was better suited for town living. She is remembered by many as always, happy, friendly and smiling. With seven children and friends that she treated like her own, a large house to tend to, a huge lawn which was mowed by her with a push mower until we were old enough to do it, two large gardens which grew vegetables enough to take us through the winter months, sewing and mending to clothe us all, cooking, baking, and canning to feed us all, she still always had time to bake fresh homemade buns and chocolate cake for “faspa” on Sunday. There was also always, cookies and coffee ready for any of the farm laborers who happened to be in the yard at coffee time. The smell of fresh laundry in from drying outside on the line will forever be with us. In her spare time, she would puzzle, and read. She puzzled to her dying days and towards the end, the puzzle pieces didn’t even necessarily need to fit, but puzzle still she did. She passed that love for puzzling down too many of us. Even her grandson, came to the hospital to puzzle with her. Working hard and staying occupied was something both mom and dad instilled in us, and for that we are eternally grateful. Mom never sat still, which I am sure is a part of her DNA. That was abundantly obvious when she lived in Salem. The nurses were always commenting on her ability to get around in spite of her health issues. This “getting around” was what would lead to her to a broken hip and then very shortly after another one. Because mom was so busy raising her family, that hidden longing on the inside of her was visible to only those that knew her well. When her priorities could finally shift from off of her children and on to herself, some of our true mom started to show. She loved, people, she loved jewelry, she loved clothes, she loved shoes, she loved pretty things, she loved flowers and she loved to dance. Mom really began to flourish in and of herself. She enjoyed the years when we were young, but also enjoyed the years after kids were grown and her health was still good. I remember well the first item on her agenda was to obtain a driver’s license and then a close second was to go out and get a job. Mom shone her brightest in those years. She passed that love for the things of vanity down to her girls, because the standing joke amongst our husbands is that we are high maintenance girls and very proud of it. That is probably why Lyle got the job of controlling the finances. But all joking aside, more than pretty things, mom loved us kids and all of ours. When we married, our spouses became her kids, when the grandchildren married, their spouses were hers as well. There were no in-laws ever in the picture, just family. Everybody was loved and everybody knew it, because we could not come into her door without a welcoming hug and a kiss. That went on until she passed. Even when she was no longer able to speak, she would motion to us that she wanted her kiss. 
Mom loved her family dearly, and after the loss of Larry and Brenda, combined with a Parkinson’s diagnosis, life became very difficult for both Mom and Dad. The decline in their health was obvious. When Dad passed in March of 2019, we noticed things deteriorated quickly. Mom’s abilities, during the last months resulted in much pain and confusion. During these times Mom still always enjoyed the bedside renditions of the songs and hymns that she taught us as children. It was amazing how they came back to us as we sang them to her while holding her hand. We as a family are so thankful and most appreciative for the excellent care she received when she was a resident at both the Winkler and Altona Hospital and then finally at Salem Home.
We send you off now, Mom, with words that you said to us many times. “Go be all you can be.” In closing: Doreen {Mom} is survived by her children, Geraldine {Ben}, Debra {Richard}, Lyle {Helen}, Wanda {Larry}, Audrey {Ray}, Kelly {Garry} and their families, who are affectionately referred to as the Neufeld Clan. She is also survived by several siblings, nieces, and nephews, and many friends at the Morden Legion. Doreen was predeceased by her husband, Peter Neufeld, by her children, Brenda and Larry Wiens and by her parents and some of her siblings.
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