Klassen, Harvey

Memorial service will be held at 11:00AM on Friday March 6, 2020 at the Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church. Viewing will be from 7PM-9PM on Thursday and from 9AM-10AM on Friday at Wiebe Funeral Home, Winkler. Interment will take place at 10AM prior to the service at Westridge Memorial Gardens. Donations may be made in Harvey's memory to either Gospel Echoes or to the Southern Manitoba Prophecy Conference.
Harvey George Klassen
1945 - 2020
On Tuesday March 3, 2020 at Boundary Trails Health Centre, Harvey Klassen, 75 of Winkler, MB went to his eternal rest.
Born February 3, 1945 to Jack and Anne Klassen in Headingley, MB, Dad’s actual middle name was Gerhard from his Mom’s Dad’s name. Dad has two surviving brothers, Jack and Allan and one sister, Beverley. Dad and Mom had three boys, Daniel, Matthew and Timothy, six grandchildren, Elizabeth, Sarah, Presley, Noah, Lennon and Benjamin.
Dad spent his childhood in Manitoba and in BC, his Dad, Jack was an aircraft mechanic and they moved with the work. Dad mentioned how they had a summer cottage when he was 12 in BC’s interior and how they picked tons of berries to sell at the local market allowing him and his siblings to go cash in at the local candy store. This is the Genesis of our dads False Teeth! Accounting dominated Dad’s professional life and in the mid 70’s moved to Winkler to work as a senior accountant manager at Triple E motor homes. He graduated from the CMA program (formally RIA) on October 23, 1976 and worked as a professional Accountant till his retirement at Winkler Canvas. Dad always enjoyed sports; he would tell us that his poor circulation in his toes was due to skating for hours on end on their pond in the middle of winter when he was a kid. Dad could play a better game of hockey or shimmy than any one of us boys and played in a bush league for adults back in the early 80’s. Dad played an excellent game of baseball, loved to curl, loved to fish, but he always hated golf! When it came to sports mom loved playing many of the activities that dad did, except for fishing, the slimy fish were just to gross to handle! But dad would take us boys out every Saturday morning during fishing season to Morden lake to go fishing, usually one on one. Those were good times and usually we would go away with a few small fishes that were too small to eat so we went to the Kopper Kettle for breakfast. Dad enjoyed spending those times with us. Dad’s love of sports helped him meet the love of his life. Dad met June (formerly Leslie) at a softball game where they hit it off – forgive me for the pun. Perhaps Dad’s attraction also had something to do with mom’s sporty Datsun. They were soon married on June 23, 1973 at Mackenzie United Church in Portage la Prairie where they took mom’s Datsun to the mountains for their honeymoon. Dad’s love of the automobile grew from when he was a kid and came from his father, Jack who held the car in extremely high esteem! Dad would tell us this story that one time when he was a boy his dad purchased a brand-new black car, could have been a Studebaker. The day he brought it home, the kids got into the car with some snacks and upon realization that there were crumbs in the car he forthwith returned the car back to the dealership and purchased a used vehicle! I do not know of anyone who has owned more cars than our dad on a typical year during our childhood Dad would buy, drive and sell between five to six cars per year, and this continued unabated until dad’s retirement where he ended up purchasing a 1966 Ford Galaxy. But he still bought and sold after that just not quite as much. His philosophy that guided him was buy low, fix it up, and sell high; unfortunately, the fix it up part was the main area of consternation. I remember one small Nissan four door that had a poor starter and needed a push to get going, once/twice after church we had to get behind the car and gave it a running start by pushing it down the parking lot much to the bewilderment of the church parishioners. Maybe this was his missed calling! But I cannot tell you how many auto-traders we had sitting around in our house! Dad’s real calling was not selling cars or being an accountant. He would say it was in 1976 when he accepted the grace that Jesus gave; he became a Christian. And from that time on he has been part of something bigger than himself. Dad gave of his time and money to support growing the kingdom. Dad got involved in Big Brothers and mentored a boy named Jonathan who did not have a dad, Mom remembers him going over the Winkler arena every time he had hockey practice to tie his skates and cheer him on. Dad used his talents at church starting right here at the Bergthaler Church as a treasurer and as our family moved on to future churches he again and again helped out in this time-consuming role. Dad and Mom had a rental house that they gave out to a Vietnamese family escaping persecution because they need to stay. Dad and mom spent a lot of time in bible study with other people delving into God’s word and getting to know them. They Loved and served people. During the mid-1980’s they helped start up Winkler’s first Pregnancy Crisis Center that counselled young mothers to be about options other than abortion, they seen a need and filled it. For many years Dad has been involved with the Gideons and helped hand out Bibles, the word of God had power in his life, and he wanted to share this. When he had retired from work, he went to work with the newly formed Gospel Echoes Thrift store fixing used items that can be resold to financially support Sharing God’s word to prison inmates. One of Dad’s most successful accomplishments was helping set up and run a yearly conference to bring in Christian speakers to talk about God’s final plan for the world as told throughout the Bible and how God’s Word can be believed. This annual conference on Prophesy brings in many people to give a greater understanding and appreciation of the Bible. Dad was fearless in sharing God’s love to people around him, one editorial he wrote in the local paper caught my eye, mainly around this one point: that believing our Universe was created “by Chance, requires greater faith than believing in a Creator who designed the universe and human life for a purpose.” Dad was not a perfect man, but he was authentic in the way he lived his life. Dad taught us boys how to pray, how to have a conversation with God that did not include just reciting something from memory. And yet Dad always had time for a game of soccer or catch with us boys. Dad’s strong work ethic has been embedded in his children and he taught us how to be men by what he did more than what he said. How do you measure a man’s life? We come on this earth and we are gone in an instant, the only thing that counts is what we leave behind. I’m confident that what dad left behind was a whole lot of love. Psalm 90:10 – 17
Memorial service at 11:00 a.m. on Friday March 6, 2020 at the Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church with interment prior at Westridge Memorial Gardens. Donations may be made in Harvey’s memory to either Gospel Echoes or to the Southern Manitoba Prophecy Conference.
Wiebe Funeral Home, Winkler
In care of arrangements