Klemusch, Jakob

Funeral service will be held at 11:00AM on Saturday December 14, 2019 at the CGF Church, Morden. Interment to follow at Southside Cemetery.

 Jakob Klemusch
1965 - 2019

Jakob Klemusch was birb ib Hybe 14th 1965 in Fergana - Uzbekistan.  

He was the 10th and the youngest child of Jakob and Alwine Klemusch.  As a 9 year old boy he got baptized by the holy spirit of God.

Jakob started working as a fork-lift driver, concrete worker, tractor and grader driver.

He got baptized in 1986 and became a church member in the city of Nakhodka.

On December the 19th in 1987, he married his wife Antonina Kiritschkowa and God blessed them with 2 sons Waldemar & Rudolf, and with 2 daughters Evelina and Susanne.  These enriched the happy couple over the years with a total of 5 grandchildren, Jimmy, Jason, Jan, Ben & Danny.

In 1991, the young family decided to move to Germany and became residents of the City of Bielefeld and joined the church there.  Later on they moved to Herford.

Jakob started to work road construction and as a truck driver.  He was always known for a friendly host and helped to organize youth trips, serverd the Lord and was a blessing to other church members.

Jakob took part in a mission trip to the Ukraine in 1998 and was therefore a blessing for families in need.

In June 2008, Jakob and Antonina decided to move to Canada with their children and became residents and church members of the city of Morden, MB, Canada.

He began his career in Canada as a Carpenter for Conrnerstone Construction in 2010 and later on also obtained the drivers license for a Semi truck.  He spent many days and weeks on the road.

About three years ago, his wife Antonina decided to join Jakob on the long journeys  to accompany and support him and obtained the driver's license for a Semi truck as well.  Together they traveled several thousand kilometers throughout Canada and the United States.

Jakobs health condition saw rapid decline in the last past years.

As usual for Jakob and Antonina, they took off for work on November the 30th this year going to the United States.  While driving the truck the next day on December the 1st on a highway near Madison, Wisconsin, about 1130km far from home, he suffered a heart attack.  With God's help, Antonina could stop the truck with the emergency brake right on the road.  Unfortunately Jakob did not survive this heart attack despite medical interventions.

Jakob lived 54 years, 5 months & 17 days.