On Wednesday February 25, 2015, Bobby, Timmy, Danny and Henry Froese passed away. They leave to mourn their passing their parents, Jake and Doralee (nee Eberhardt) Froese, two sisters, Susie and Lisa and two brothers, Steven and Billy, their grandparents, Henry Froese, Beverley Eberhardt and Tina Wiebe as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Memorial service was held at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday March 4, 2015 at the Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church with a private interment at Lowe Farm Cemetery. 

Bobby (Robert) Froese

May 8, 1999 - February 25, 2015


bobby 2Bobby always enjoyed cooking. At age two, he attempted to make himself a pizza and had left the plastic on it. The plastic melted before Mom and Dad discovered it. In school he had a recipe for making hotdogs which made it into the school's cookbook. One day visitors arrived for a visit only to find Bobby having a pot of water on the stove, cooking marshmallows. As well as cooking, he enjoyed his youth group, Yu-gi-oh, Facebook, Pokémon cards, Mario and Monopoly. He also loved to read as well as boating. When riding in the boat he liked to be right up in the very front of the boat. Making an attempt to ride the donkey one day Uncle Mike gave him a boost up and over straight to the other side.

 Timmy (Timothy) Froese

June 8, 2002 - February 25, 2015


timmy 3He liked helping Steven fix stuff. Loved big trucks, he had trucking plans of buying a semi with his cousin Peter. He also loved to ride the donkey with his buddy Josie (the dog) following along. He was his dad's sidekick. He was magnetized to fixing and repairing motor's, leaning towards a career in mechanics. He loved things that go bang (guns, firecrackers).He was a charmer, he also had a million dollar smile. He liked to take his brother, Steven's car driving in the yard, also his dad's Ranger.


Danny (Daniel) Froese

December 22, 2003 - February 25, 2015


danny 1Danny loved riding his donkey. He enjoyed going out in the boat with his dad, fishing and hunting, Mindcraft (computer games). He also enjoyed working and repairing bikes, using and loosing dad’s tools. (BUT they had to be "REAL" tools). He had long, long arms, nothing was out of his reach - crutches and cast on his leg couldn't keep him down. He was a young lad who was not happy with only one toy, he liked the whole bucket, driving around with brother, Steven, he loved Steven’s sub-woofers, even laid his head between the speakers.


Henry Froese

March 26, 2005  - February 25, 2015


cm2He was a shy young man who was a nature lover and loved all animals; he had a cat named "Leaf". He also had many girlfriends. He liked to bake, cook macaroni and loved to make mini donuts to share with everyone. He was Uncle Mike's little buddy, one day they were swinging and the swing pins fell out. Henry fell to the ground, leaving everyone laughing.



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