Giesbrecht, Robert James

Robert James

Robert James (Bubba, Bob, Fluff) Giesbrecht 

1951 - 2010 


At 59 years of age, Robert James Giesbrecht (Bob) of Morden, Manitoba passed away Friday September 17th, 2010 at Boundary Trails Health Centre in Winkler, MB of terminal liver cancer.


Bob was born February 3rd, 1951 in Winkler, Manitoba to Henry Lawrence Giesbrecht and Mary Ann Giesbrecht (nee Wiebe). He lived in: Windsor, Ontario, Olds, Alberta, Winkler, Rivers, Morden, Manitoba, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Golden, BC. His hobbies were family, cars, electronics, the weather, love of cats, camping, roadtrips, storm chasing, and MUSIC!! He was married in Windsor, Ontario to the love of his life, Kathryn Ann Giesbrecht (nee Bailey). He was a Mechanic, Lube Technician, Electronic Genius and Handy Man, a jack of all trades. Bob was a wonderful father, brother, son and husband. A well respected man in all walks of life in each and every way. He was a man to be admired, looked up to, respected and adored. He made an impact on all people he came across and will be remembered fondly for eternity and by all. He was an experienced man in life and the way of the world, an intuitive man, a caring man, a romantic, and an absolute genius. Bob's life was short but fulfilled by friends, life experiences, trials and tribulations and most importantly, his family. Bob will be sorely missed. Heaven needed an angel, now he's spinning vinyl on those decks in the sky, on a sound system hand made, custom, by him! Rockin the world and telling a story through his music, one track at a time! We're listening! TURN IT UP! R.I.P. Robert James Giesbrecht Beloved Husband, Father and Son.

He is survived by his wife, Kathryn; children, Chris Seaver, James Seaver, Candace Giesbrecht, Krystal Giesbrecht; his siblings, Shirley Dyck, Judy Giesbrecht, Jerry Giesbrecht, Kathy Giesbrecht as well as Barry Dyck (nephew), Charity Giesbrecht (Niece); Kathryns mom, sister & brother; Elizabeth Bailey, Mary-Alice Bailey, and Dr. Michael Dufresne and his pets: Chipper (Buhbinkus) Missy and Turbo.

He was predeceased by his father, Henry Lawrence Giesbrecht November 1st, 1929- March 2nd, 2006; Rev. Thomas William Law Bailey January 13th 1913-April 4th, 1997; His pets: Squeeker, Fluffy, Jas Cat, Fang, Sweetums, Mouse and Buckerton.

Funeral service was held Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm at Wiebe Funeral Chapel in Morden.

In kind donations: Make somebody laugh and encourage them to live their lives to the fullest and to never give up on happiness! Thank you. 

A huge thank you and deep appreciation to Karla Warkentin who is a volunteer at the Boundary Trails Health Centre, who is the sole reason Bob's daughter, Candace Giesbrecht, was able to get to her father in time to spend his last 3 days on earth by his side. Karla Warkentin was a great form of emotional support to his daughter which filled her with courage and a feeling of confidence that she could make it through this hard time for her father. Karla Warkentin continued to show generosity in assisting with transportation in regards to getting Bob's family; Kathryn & Krystal Giesbrecht to and from the Winnipeg Airport and arranging for Vic Wolfe, another generous, and much appreciated person, to pick them up from the airport. People like these are an inspiration and are appreciated particularly in our time of need and will remain friends of the families for years to come.

Thank you to every friend and family member who went out of their way to contact Bob by visiting, calling or leaving online messages, he truly knew and understood how loved and respected he was through his life, and he himself, and his family truly needed and appreciated that support. Thank you to Krystal Giesbrecht, James Seaver and their mother Kathy Giesbrecht for finding the strength in their hearts to call and express their undying love for him. It meant more to him then anything in the world. A MASSIVE thank you to everyone, friend or foe, who had an impact on Bob's life, you made him the strong, amazing, awe inspiring man that he will always be in our hearts, to everyone who made him laugh, smile, cry, know that you are appreciated. Thank you to Bob’s son; Chris Seaver and his girlfriend Michelle Parent for providing the funds to allow Krystal to get from Windsor, Ontario to Morden, MB to pay respects to her father and be with her big sister Candace.  

Thank you to everyone who provides a donation of any kind big or small! You are helping his family very much in their time of need. Thank you to the Dr's, Nurses, and the support of everyone at the Boundary Trails Health Centre for looking after Robert James Giesbrecht in his final days.

"Don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gunna be alright" - Bob Marley

"Music is a higher revelation, than all wisdom and philosophy, Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents" -Ludwig Van Beethoven

"The car is running good. When you run good, you're always happy. We'll just go from here and see if we can win this race. We have a shot at winning. So do 15 other guys." -John Force

"Keep on truckin" -Robert James Giesbrecht

"Theres no such thing as CANT" - Robert James Giesbrecht

"Unable are the loved to die for love is immortality" -Emily Dickinson

Dream, Love, Laugh.

Wiebe Funeral Chapel, Morden in care of arrangements.