Klassen, Diane Marie

Diane Marie Klassen

Diane Marie Klassen (nee Letkeman)

1954 – 2007

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She is an angel.  In Diane, God created the most loving and kind person that many of us have ever had the awesome honour to know. Diane was a loved, and loving, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, step mother, sister and friend. Words will never do justice to the wonderful person that she was. Her fingerprints are on many lives. Diane will be missed.

On Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at Health Sciences Centre, Diane Klassen (nee Letkeman) aged 52 years of Morden, MB went to her eternal rest.

She leaves to mourn her passing her beloved husband, John Klassen of Morden; 2 daughters, Lisa and Kevin Groening, Lori and Merlin Harder and 2 stepchildren Sarah and Adam.

She was predeceased by her first husband, Victor Hoeppner (1999) and son, Daniel Keith (1976).

Funeral service was held on Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 2:00 pm at Morden Mennonite Church with Rev. Jake Friesen officiating.  Interment followed at Southside Cemetery.

If friends so desire, donations may be made to in Diane’s memory to Empower Ministries 48 Alliance Blvd. Suite 104, Barrie, ON, L4M 5K3.

Wiebe Funeral Home, Winkler in care of arrangements.

Tribute to Mom

Mom, how do we put into words what you meant to us, to everyone.  You're the one that helped us through tough times, you're the one that would make us feel better, you were our rock.  We need you and miss you so desperately, and we're not sure how our lives will function without you. What I say here today is not enough, we can't describe our Mom in words, mom was a feeling. 

The first thing we think of when we think of you is strength, and through your strength we will get through this tribute and try to honour you the best we can with our words. When we got the phone call in the middle of the night that you were rushed to the hospital we right away thought this is mom she'll be fine, she's so strong and we know how much she wants to live. We could never imagine life without you mom and we still can't.  Your twice a day phone calls, your Friday lunches, your wit and sense of humour, and most of all your unconditional love, the world will just never be the same.  You had strength to get through the death of your son which once we had kids we couldn't even comprehend, you held us together during all the tough times.  You also had strength to say I'm sorry and admit when you were wrong, you told people about your struggles, you opened up to people about the things that you had done wrong, you allowed yourself to become vulnerable which takes incredible strength. And through telling people your mistakes you touched and encouraged countless people, you gave them hope, and you taught them about God's grace and forgiveness.

We don't understand why God took you now, you were the most generous person we knew, always helping others whether it was your children, your grandchildren, your homecare clients, your church, your friends, you always thought of others first and you'd always say “don't worry about me”.  You even died in such a way that you could save other people's lives with your organs and give people renewed hope. You had found a home you loved, a church you loved, a husband you loved, friends you loved.  You lived life passionately, we looked up to you so much.  We were looking at pictures and you were so vibrant so alive, you were so excited for the future.  We look back now on all of our conversations we had, and we had so many deep meaningful conversations and you gave us so many words to keep with us.  We had become in awe of your passion for Jesus, you seemed to not only know the right answers but you lived what you believed.  You always told us if you put God first, everything else will fall into place.  

Everyone always marveled at your energy.  You were always busy and always doing something, We would always have to say mom come sit down.  If you needed something accomplished you knew to call mom, she could get what needed to be done in always record time.  Mostly we remember all of your energy with your grandkids, you never just sat and watched them play, you danced with them, you ran with them, you made forts with them, you played catch with them, you found worms with them, you played with them like you were a child.  Merlin said it best when he said when your little green car would pull up it was like the cavalry came in, everyone's face would light up, we'd be so excited to talk to you the kids would be so excited to play with you and show you their latest picture they coloured for you. Our heart aches for the kids mom, they loved you so incredibly much, you were so much more to them than just a Grandma, you were their best friend.   You had such joy from being a Grandma, you would put anything aside to be with them, there will be such a huge void in their life now mom, we just don't understand. When I look at them now though I see you in their faces, in their laughter, you will live on in them.  Lisa and Lori. 

We also admired you so much because you were so content.  Everything you had was enough, you never needed newer, shinier, faster, bigger.  When we went shopping it was like pulling teeth to get you to buy something new for yourself you'd always say but I don't need that, you knew and really had come to understand what was important in life, you knew stuff would not bring you joy and you really knew only true joy comes from God. 

Merlin shared with us the thing about you he loved the most was the fact he could always be himself around you.  You two could joke about anything and you loved him for who he was he never had to pretend around you.  He also said he loved that he could talk to you about any subject, I was always amazed what Merlin could talk about with his mother-in-law. But like Kevin shared you were never just a mother-in-law to him you right away became Mom, he said you always made him feel more important than he actually thought he was. You accepted the men in our lives right away and loved them like your own.  Kevin and Merlin had such a genuine relationship with Mom and that was just a continuation of Mom accepting and loving people for who they are. 

Our mom was our safe place, the one we could talk to about everything, she amazed me everyday with her faith.  We want to talk and talk about how amazing she was, we want to tell every story.  We want to tell everyone how she loved foot rubs, loved snacking, was an amazing cook, made the worlds best cinnamon buns, loved wearing red, thought Giant Tiger was the greatest store in history, took pride in her home, could eat a whole McCain's cake in one sitting, loved candles, could live in comfy clothes and her broken down slippers, and was stunningly beautiful and would light up every room she walked in.  We are so thankful that God made her our mom. Like I said before Mom for us is not words but a feeling, and that's indescribable.  We know she touched so many people and she left her fingerprints everywhere. Mom, we pray that we can leave a legacy with our children like you have left with us.  We love you mom and one day we will see you again.