Pre-Planning A Funeral

We respect your wishes and allow loved ones to say a final farewell in the manner they have chosen.

The purpose of planning a meaningful funeral is to commemorate a person's life and to remember and be thankful for your time together. When a family has lost someone they love, it is a time of sadness and stress. Taking the time to have your requests known is a thoughtful gesture that will ease the task for your family and friends and will ensure that your wishes are honoured. Everyone in your family should be made aware as to where to find this information when the time has come.

More and more people are realizing the advantages of pre-arranging their funerals. The process is simple and the benefit to loved ones left to handle the arrangements is well recognized. The benefits are numerous: pre-planning allows you to express your own wishes; there is a guaranteed funeral price; there's no income tax liability; your funeral plan is transferable in case you move away; it relieves your family of the financial burden. By relieving your family of burdensome decisions at a difficult time, you are showing your love and respect for their needs, too.