Choose a memorial to remember your loved one by

Reasons for a Permanent Memorial:

77Placing a permanent memorial upon ones grave will provide a lasting tribute for generations to come. A permanent memorial will aid in locating ones grave as years go by and the surroundings/logistics of the cemetery change. By selecting specific designs to be incorporated into the memorial light is shed onto ones life. These designs can range from a simple flower, favorite musical instrument or sport, animal or an elaborate etching of the homestead or favorite interest. Personal pictures can be laser etched or placed on a porcelain portrait adding a more personal touch to the memorial. Including wedding dates or emblems of society or organizations one belongs to helps in associating with ones life. An epitaph is one more way to personalize ones Memorial. An epitaph can be a quote of scripture, favorite song, poem, or simple words of life. Vases can also be incorporated unto the base or unto the memorial itself giving a chance for ones favorite flowers to be left at the grave.

Placing of a Permanent Memorial:

It is recommended to place a permanent memorial within 1-2 years of the burial. In most of the local cemeteries in Southern Manitoba the permanent memorial is placed onto the undisturbed ground so a set amount of time is not needed to let the ground settle. Some families or individuals prefer to have a permanent memorial erected on a family or personal pre-owned plot before a death has even occurred. By doing this one can choose what will best depict their live for the generations to come. These prepurchased permanent memorials may be placed on the grave or stored until the time of need.

Types of Permanent Memorials:

7879A permanent memorial would consist of either Granite or Bronze. Permanent memorials are either Upright, Pillow, or Ground Level in design. All are suitable for any cemetery and can be customized to meet your personal needs. Some Cemetery’s have regulations to what style or size a permanent memorial may be and we will make sure that the permanent memorial selected will meet those requirements.


Granite is a hard natural rock that can be cut, sawn, polished and shaped too many different styles. Granite is available in many different colors from shades of Black, Green, Brown, and Red. Because granite is natural every memorial will be different in its own way. Some colors of granite are more consistent were others having streaks and waves of color and design naturally formed into the stone. A granite monument may be upright, pillow, or ground leveling design. 


80Bronze memorials are a metal product that is poured and cast into the desired style. These styles can range from scenes of the outdoors to religious symbols, roses, wheat etc. Bronze memorials are typically mounted at ground level aiding cemetery staff on maintenance. However bronze memorials may also be placed as a pillow or attached to an upright monument consisting of granite or tyndall. 


Selecting and proofing of the Memorial:

Before the Memorial is completed a proof will be provided. These proofs are printed on paper and are drawn to scale. Because the proofs are drawn to scale it is at this point that the size can be confirmed. With all the different designs and styles there may be more than one design that seems fitting, we will make two or three different proofs with the different options on each so the decision process is easier. Once the drawing of the proof is completed designs from one another can be mixed and matched to meet your personal needs. Work on the monument will only be started upon approval of the drawn proof.


The cost of a permanent memorial is depicted by the material used and size and shape of the overall finished product. Single memorials are less expensive than a double memorial as a flat marker is less expensive than an upright memorial.  Please contact our office for an accurate quote or more information on memorial costs.

Ongoing care of a permanent memorial:

If you have already purchased a Permanent Monument and require information to be added, straighten or level an existing Monument, or have it refurbished we can arrange to have that done for you as well.