Our Heritage, Humble Beginnings...

Wiebe Funeral Homes Ltd. had very humble beginnings in September of 1949 in the very small community of Winkler in South  Central Manitoba.  Winkler, MB as early as the mid 1870's, was host to many Mennonite families fleeing from oppression of the corrupt Russian government, most of whom were based in Southern Ukraine (Russia). also assisted by a free transfer of land for homesteading from the Government of Canada. Nick R. Wiebe, founder of Wiebe Funeral Homes Ltd. (pictured below) made his journey from Russia in 1926. The Russian border's complete closure to all exodus was fast approaching as Russia was heading into a revolution which would change lives forever, as it did with the entire Wiebe family.  Nick's father and mother along with eight children and one on the way, left their entire farm, buildings and animals and made way to Germany, then to South Hampton, England, to board a ship to journey to their destination in Southern Manitoba. Nick's mother was almost nine months pregnant at this urgent time of escape.  She delivered a healthy little boy named Henry "Hank" between England and Canada. There were no modernized funeral services available in the small newly populated Mennonite Communities in those early years.  

Nick R. Wiebe
1949 -1988
Rick C. Wiebe
1971 - 2014
 "I feel very proud of my business. I know that my wonderful caring and patient Dad Nick would be proud to see the expansions
and the great staff and public perception of my business that he started so many years ago. " 

Presently, Wiebe Funeral Homes Ltd. is locally owned and operated by longterm employees... 
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       Kiley Wilson           Joey Grenier          Jake Giesbrecht   
2014 - Present